Choice Advisory Services ad campaign

Challenge: Create an Ad Campaign to Showcase Real Life Situations for Seniors

November 21, 2013

Every story is different. Every person brings different life goals, choices, and experiences to any challenge. And making choices during senior years regarding care, living situations, and what is necessary when can be a conversation no-one wants to face until it is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, the people at Choice Advisory Services have extensive experience to bring to the table and have helped seniors and their families navigate the maze of options for senior housing and care very successfully for many years.

Choice wanted to showcase that experience in an ad campaign that would be placed throughout their annual publication, “The CHOICE Guide”. The publication serves seniors and their families throughout the Puget Sound region. Choice has helped thousands of people and wanted to show that not only have they helped people in many situations, but that they could be a partner for senior transitions even when families are not in crisis.

We synthesized their extensive experience into several key stories that hit upon major life events that often lead people to call Choice. We showcased real life scenarios the Choice staff has responded to over the years in direct quotes and straightforward photos to tell a story. The viewers flipping through the CHOICE Guide could directly relate to the stories told throughout.