Handmade box

Natural World, Meet Bling in an Art Box

December 6, 2013

Combining two disparate materials to make something new is one of our favorite ways in which to use found materials. We’ve been holding onto several small pieces of beach wood from a trip out to the Washington coast for some time. Creating this custom art box seemed to be the perfect opportunity to one of these pieces.


The beach wood had some amazing wear from the water engraved onto it, and it was a deep, rich brown. We decided to offset it with a somewhat net-like set of bling. The iridescent beads, combined with a shiny brass wire, wrapped around the beach wood created a definite “bling” effect.

The box itself was created to house a series of cards (to be featured in another post) and measures 5.5″ x 7.25″ x 2″. Made of a sturdy, acid-free mat board, this box can house any number of treasures long after the cards that it came with have disappeared.

The teal, handmade paper covering the top adds to the “ocean” effect without giving off an over-the-top beach theme. And the natural brown paper covering the bottom half of the box complements the color of the beach wood.

Each box Corbae designs is hand measured, hand cut, and hand assembled. We love this hands on, tactile approach. And it allows us to completely customize the box size to our vision or to what the box is intended to hold. Some of the interesting box requests we’ve had to date: one made completely of natural materials to house ashes so that the box would biodegrade properly when sent out into the ocean; and a nice-on-the-outside box to house a writer’s rejection letters.