Handcut Christmas Card

Crafting a Handmade Christmas Card

December 12, 2013

2009 Xmas card - insideAs a design firm, the annual Christmas card can be a challenge. We have to come up with something unique and original every year, because that’s what us creative types do. And as beautifully designed as they are, heading over to Tiny Prints is just not an option for us.

Then there is the dilemma of creating a handmade Christmas card or going with a more standard printed piece.

Corbae chose to take the last couple of years off from the annual Christmas card conundrum. Taking on the cutting of this card broke us for a couple of years. We love how it turned out, but it was time intensive, even using a KNK cutter.

2009 Xmas card - exteriorWe do love that several people have told us they framed this handmade card after receiving it. And we love how the card turned out. Using the cutout loose over another sheet provides a lot of opportunity for some fun shadow effects that just wouldn’t be possible with a flat, printed design.


Final folded size: 7″ x 5″, custom pattern cut overlay with 80# coverstock underneath. Inside we kept the message simple and straightforward balancing the external visual.


Corbae Creative