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Create a Pocket Folder for Notecards

January 16, 2014

We all know that packaging can make all the difference. When we set out to create these deceptively simple fern note cards, we wanted the simple elegance of the fern design to be enhanced by the packaging, not overwhelmed by it. We decided that an art box would be too much in this case. But, we didn’t want to just package the cards in a plastic sleeve and call it good either.

White fern box cards blk_200905iSo, we created a complementary pocket folder with a hand-beaded tie to close the folder. The pocket folder can hold five notecards and five envelopes. We created the folder using a standard 8.5×11” sheet of coverstock. The pdf template below is set up on a 12×12 size sheet (scrapbook paper size) to allow for the text showing the folds. But it does fit on a letter-size sheet of stock.

The folder was cut out with an exacto knife and cutting board, then made the folds using a bone folder. We used double sided tape to adhere the corners, but you could also use PVA. A glue stick is probably not strong enough.

We made a couple of slits in the spine to run the tie through, so it would stay in place, and voila! A pocket folder for notecards.


  • Notecard packaging
  • Wedding invitation packets
  • A gift of photos or magnets like these fun magnets from mpix.

Template is available for personal use. Not for use for resale items or to sell the template itself.

PDF template:

4-625″x6″ Double Pocket Template