The SunSpec Alliance is a trade alliance of more than 100 solar and storage distributed energy industry participants, together pursuing information standards to enable “plug & play” system interoperability. SunSpec standards address operational aspects of solar PV power and energy storage plants on the smart grid—including residential, commercial, and utility-scale systems—thus reducing cost, promoting technology innovation, and accelerating industry growth.


With several major initiatives reaching “maturity” in 2018, the SunSpec Alliance needed stronger visual graphics to show their central place in the solar marketplace. The Corbae team, in association with Identity³, has developed a visual system to help get the SunSpec message out there. Leading the way in these initiatives is SunSpec’s core placement in California Rule 21 specifications as well as the NEC’s Rapid Shutdown rules. The Corbae team has worked with SunSpec to develop:

  • Graphic structure
  • Certification mark system
  • Marketing collateral
  • Video

Of Note

Creative development of the “Gridvolution”.