Work completed in association with Identity³.


EcoMen Solar is committed to providing quality, innovative solar solutions for the residential, commercial, and non-profit markets of New Jersey and New York. They are focused on bringing the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy to clients’ homes, businesses, and organizations.


EcoMen Solar has an amazing home improvement history, a pragmatic look at what solar can do for home and business owners, and a bent toward solar education. Sharing this outlook and knowledge in a saturated market like New Jersey was proving to be tough. They found time and again that people felt that “solar is a scam.” We worked with them to define their competitive strengths and roll those strengths into a customer-friendly campaigns and a website. Products included:

  • Creative design strategy consultation and discovery
  • Marketing collateral
  • Customer-focused campaigns
  • Website sitemap, guidance, and initial build
  • Social media visuals

Of Note

Sometimes companies don’t understand the riches of content, experience, and history they bring to their customers. They know their specialty so well, they don’t remember not knowing. Once EcoMen was pointed down this path, they have become content machines, creating exceptional and useful content for anyone interested in solar.