CPS America is the USA market leader for 3-phase string inverters with well over 2GW shipped in America. CPS has a team of service, sales, operations and applications engineers distributed across North America. CPS America is a subsidiary of Chint Power Systems, a global inverter business with 10GW installed worldwide.


With several product launches in one year, Corbae worked with the CPS America team to hone messaging and incorporate that messaging into several outlets, including:

  • Email outreach
  • Web ads
  • Print advertising

Of Note

One of the most fun and most challenging aspects of web banners is how precise and contained the message has to be. Just a few words to convey meaning. Add to that a technical product and it becomes even more challenging. Using proven discovery techniques, Corbae was able to hone messaging to the most important for a series of web ads for CPS America.