Chaolysti provides leadership and management consulting to solar industry firms, helping to lower soft costs and streamline operational workflows. The company also provides workshops and trainings to help solar companies and people challenge expectations and define new paths forward.


After developing a series of infographics for Chaolysti, Corbae Creative developed a new logo for Chaolysti’s new business venture: Chaolysti Interactive. We also provided an in-depth analysis of their website and roadmap to create a new website designed to be more than a “brochure” site, but a lead magnet.

  • Logo system
  • Website analysis and roadmap

Of Note

When we ask, “how many leads do you get through your website?” We often hear, “none,” or “maybe one or two, occasionally.” An informational site is great, but if you are putting the effort into developing and maintaining it, don’t you want it to work for you? That is exactly the process Corbae went through with Chaolysti, providing a deep analysis of the site, and through an extensive discovery process, provided a roadmap for their site that honors what was working, while addressing where they were going in a way that pulled in leads.