A.T. Design is now Corbae Creative

A.T. Design is now Corbae Creative

May 6, 2015


Flipbook announcementWe’re excited to announce that A.T. Design is now Corbae Creative.

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you know that in a previous life, Corbae was A.T. Design. If you’ve just stumbled on the site, you may not know that before we were Corbae, we were A.T. Design.

May 1, we made it official to everyone that we are now Corbae Creative. It’s been a while forming, but we were excited to announce it to partners and clients via a fun, postbound flipbook. If you’d like a physical book mailed to you, please email us and we’d be glad to do so.

Corbae will continue to offer the same exceptional service you’ve come to expect from A.T. Design, with a new look.

Origin of the Name: Corbae Creative. Corbae is a derivation of the word, “Corvidae”, a family of birds that include crows and ravens. The term “Corbae” appears in several works by Charles deLint.

Crows are incredibly intelligent animals, utilizing social learning and passing on information from one generation to the next. Some subspecies even fashion their own tools. They are cooperative birds and thrive in community groups. Their visual accuity is amazing.

We think these traits serve us well in the business world – working cooperatively with our clients, learning from them, and utilizing our knowledge to create something attractive to the senses generates a positive outcome.