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Aimee Tuck

Aimee Tuck

Principal and Creative Director

With a diverse background in design and marketing communications, Aimee got her start in the solar industry in 2000. Working for a solar company confirmed her commitment to innovative environmental stewardship. Bringing her technical expertise together with her design and marketing experience, Aimee has helped to strategically define visual identities and marketing for B-to-B and B-to-C companies regional, national, and international in scope.

Aimee founded Corbae Creative in 2002. She has had the opportunity to work with amazing solar and clean tech/transportation companies over the years, helping drive design and marketing strategy in unique ways. Never forgetting that design needs to be effective, Aimee works closely with marketing, sales, and engineering teams to ensure on point messaging that tells a story in a visual way.

Aimee has spoken about design as a marketing strategy in the solar industry as well as published pieces offering practical advice to help design stand out.

Prior to founding Corbae Creative, she wore various hats, including a graphic designer for a renewable energy company, a proposal and marketing coordinator for several architecture firms, and managed an art gallery. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and has participated in extensive continuing education courses.

Aimee also enjoys seeing her two boys grow and actively engaging in their education and play, is a voracious reader, loves hiking, is happiest when creating, and used to enjoy home improvement projects before the “honey do” list got so long.

Collaborating Team

Corbae Creative operates as a virtual agency, calling upon appropriate talent for the specific project, as opposed to employing a large team. Below are some of the amazing people we regularly work with.

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Graphic Designer

Rachel is a graphic designer with a passion for environmental stewardship. Working for Corbae Creative has given her the opportunity to join her love of design and sustainable practices together. She enjoys the satisfaction of turning jumbled information into user-friendly visuals for clients.

After graduating with a degree in Public Relations from the University of South Florida, Rachel worked in the non-profit sector as a Publications Specialist for Eckerd Youth Alternatives. She returned to school to pursue Graphic Design and graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She worked as a graphic designer and was later promoted to the Production Manager at the Charleston City Paper in South Carolina.

Being a proud and supportive Coast Guard spouse has given her the opportunity to live in a variety of locations over the years, giving her the experience to be inspired by many influences and freelance along the way. Rachel is an active volunteer, enjoying giving back to whichever community she currently lives in. She enjoys building her experience ladder through new adventures with her husband and two children or professionally through continuous skills development. Someday, she will be found living in an RV traveling full-time but for now will settle for camping and enjoying the great outdoors on the weekends.

Miles Styer

Miles Styer

Marketing & Analytics, Quarkspot

Miles Styer is a marketing and analytics professional who specializes in promoting digital success for creatives. He shares Corbae Creative’s belief that great strategy requires both science and style to make impactful change and is committed to companies that adopt sustainable ecological practices. He worked for seven years at Random House, where he helped make ebooks, digital magazines, and apps for New York Times bestselling authors, Food Network stars, and the White House. Miles has also worked in IT consulting, focusing on digital transformation of large retail organizations. He has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business with a specialty in business analytics, has a BA in English and ancient Greek from University of Georgia, and is an alum of the Columbia Publishing Course in New York City.  A recent transplant to Tacoma, Washington, Miles is trying to learn how to garden and has a small business called Quarkspot that provides digital marketing services to creative entrepreneurs.

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