Branding is More than a Logo: Avoid These Three Branding Mistakes

November 25, 2019

1. Not Being Consistent

Brands that think simply slapping their logo onto everything they produce is enough to identify their brand will often confuse consumers with inconsistent visual images and messages. ​Branding is not a one and done effort. It is a consistent cultivation of your company’s visuals, voice and values. Successful brands have style guides and they use them consistently.

However, consistency can trip you up when you are unwilling to change a dated identity that is no longer serving you or your customers. When taken to the opposite extreme, trying to follow too many trends, your brand can become unrecognizable and messy.

2. Not Being Holistic

Think of your brand as a person. The parts that customers see are the visuals, or your company’s outward appearance. The inside parts are the voice they hear, the personality, the values and stories of the brand. You need both to be in harmony to attract and retain your target audience.

Just like when someone interviews for a job, if their appearance is sloppy or their answers lack substance, they aren’t likely to get hired. Your target audience can look elsewhere if your brand does not deliver what they want.

3. Not Having a Clear Message

Companies that have not clearly defined their values and goals don’t have a solid foundation for their branding efforts. Why should consumers choose your brand over another? If your company doesn’t know, how would your target audience? Not taking the time to narrow down your company’s core “why” can lead to a muddled message that doesn’t focus your consumers attention on the reason you are in business in the first place and what sets you apart.

Branding is a journey much like your favorite book or movie takes you on a journey. If you’re making these mistakes and want to re-evaluate, reach out to the Corbae team. We’re here to help.