For Solar Marketing & Design, Consistency Builds Trust

May 22, 2019

The future of solar may look positive, but the solarcoaster of recent years has diminished trust in PV, especially in the residential market. Much-hyped companies made large promises and then shifted rapidly in other directions or disappeared entirely. Driven by analysts and financial engineers, the renewable energy industry tends to compete over price, a race to the bottom that expands adoption but squeezes profit. That’s why more than ever a strategy that includes consistent brand design, marketing efforts, and messaging is crucial for increasing trust in solar companies and for competing on more than just price.

Does it really matter if my logos and design match everywhere?

Yes. A brand is a promise of a repeat experience, and logos should visually reinforce that idea. No matter where leads, customers, and other stakeholders interact with your company, they should have the same experience. This is true whether a company uses a B2B or D2C sales model; a brand’s user experience across all touchpoints should remove friction and increase usability. A consistent brand design signals to customers that, no matter how they interact with you, they can rely on the same level of product or service quality.


I tried some social media and content marketing but didn’t see results. Why even bother?

Digital marketing is an ongoing process that builds over time. Just like it takes time to build trust, it takes time to build marketing momentum that draws potential customers to the sale. Individual social media posts will vary in results; some will generate engagement from many people, and others will publish without getting much notice. Posting consistently, despite these ups and downs, builds top-of-mind awareness across your immediate and adjacent networks.

Similarly, consistently publishing engaging content marketing pieces signals thought leadership and market relevance to both interested customers and to search engines. No matter what marketing efforts you choose, commit to at least six months of consistent activity to build momentum and receive the full benefit of your efforts.

We wrote a vision statement and posted it on our site. Isn’t that enough?

Developing a vision or brand story is a great strategic start that can unify your company, improve sales conversations, and uplift important social and environmental causes. If you don’t incorporate the message in everything you do, however, you won’t achieve top of mind awareness, especially among younger generations. Building a brand that is widely known for its commitment to clean energy, justice, or accessibility (or whatever your vision is) requires consistent messages across all communication platforms. If you want your brand’s story in people’s mouths, it has to be in their ears.

Developing and implementing a consistent and effective brand that connects with the wider world is not easy but Corbae Creative is here to help. If you’re looking to build a design guide, a social media stream, a content marketing platform, or a new story of your company, contact us today to start the conversation.