Cultural Considerations of Color Selection Around the Globe

March 29, 2019

People see color first before they comprehend the rest of your message. How people perceive color can depend on their own cultural experience. Since color is a major factor in the meanings of symbolism within different cultures, it is always best to do your research before selecting color. With our ever-growing global connection, many countries design using similar color palettes. However, some companies may need to tailor fit their designs to include cultural considerations. For instance, McDonald’s has a variety of different websites designed to appeal to specific regions of the world.

Color meanings can change over time. In the west, blue was traditionally a color for baby girls and pink for baby boys. Green has evolved from not only being a color but is now also a verb. Since there is no one best way to select color it always a good idea to know your audience and use your best judgement based on all available information.