Great Brand Stories are Authentic

August 20, 2019

There are brand story generators on the internet. They ask you a few questions about your business and presto chango, you get instant content about your brand. I tried one today and it gave less than stellar results. The autogenerated message I received was cold and impersonal. It read like a bad translation and I didn’t believe a word of it.

An authentic brand story can’t be autogenerated, nor can it be faked. It takes time, it takes commitment, just as any strong relationship does. Great brand stories tap into genuine connections a brand has with their clients, through an emotion connection and a true voice. More than ever before, consumers want an authentic and honest experience with brands so businesses have to know upfront what they’re values are and why they exist before cultivating a brand story. No matter which type of content a brand creates, it should be consistently authentic to create trust and loyal customers. Brands that engage with their customers, rather than solely focusing on themselves, are able to continue to develop customer loyalty built on relationships that grow over time. Share the stories that connect your brand to your customers and your customers to your brand.