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Happy Leap Day, February 2024

February 29, 2024

Happy Leap Day! I hope you have something wonderful planned for this extra day.

It snowed here this week. I was thrilled. We need the snowpack in the mountains. This summer is going to be difficult water-wise. I was also surprised. I don’t remember the last time we got snow in the PNW lowlands this late in February. It was lovely, fluffy, white snow and was gone within 12 hours.

It got me thinking of the unexpected. I’m a planner. I like to plan for the what-ifs. Of course, the universe is creative. And no matter how much we plan, plot twists happen. For me, public speaking and events are areas in which the unexpected makes a regular appearance. I plan and prepare, taking care of all I can think of in order to have mental bandwidth to handle the unexpected.

One of those areas I plan for is the presentation. I am amazed when I hear someone say, “I’ll work on the presentation on the plane.” Or that they did work on the presentation on the way to the speaking engagement. And I’ll be honest, this last-minute approach is often evident to those of us in the audience.

I often witness speakers get wrapped up thinking about public speaking, about the mental energy needed to get their ideas across and get through the experience, that the bigger picture is often forgotten. The speech, the presentation, and the follow up are ALL branding. These all contribute public perceptions of the brand we represent. No pressure. 😊

To that end, this month’s blog posts focus on easy-to-tackle in advance presentation dos and don’ts, and a short tactical tip video. This is a bit more tactical than I usually get, but I think it’s important to brand the clean energy industry well.

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Your Clean Energy PowerPoint Presentation IS Branding.

Your presentation – whether technical, sales, or financial – is branding. What you put up on that screen is just as important as what you say in your presentation. You will form strong impressions of your company with your audience not only in how you deliver your speech, but also in how you present your information. Every presentation, session, webinar, etc. gives your company the opportunity to help steer brand identity and build brand trust.

Positively impact your audience’s impression of your brand by taking the time to plan, practice, and edit your presentation.

Video Tactical Tip: Quickly Reduce Large PowerPoint File Sizes

In this video I walk through a quick way to reduce the file size of your PowerPoint files to help make them emailable.

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February Joke

What’s the difference between Iron Man and Aluminum Man?

Iron Man stops the bad guys. Aluminum Man just foils their plans.