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How Clean Energy Companies Find their Brand Vision, October 2023

October 25, 2023

I love this time of year. Gold, crimson, and yellow landscapes, sweaters, the crunch of leaves underfoot on a walk, the brilliant blue of an autumn morning sky, the stark contrast of changing leaves against a stormy sky. Tea, a good book, a blanket, and a cat. As much as I love every season, autumn is my favorite time of year.

Adding to my wonder of this time of year, I was able to witness a solar eclipse with my family a couple of weeks ago. What an experience! In rare Pacific Northwest weather behavior, clouds parted at just the right time for us to see the eclipse. At the moment of totality, the air grew quiet and cold. No birds chirping, no squirrels chattering, the temperature dropped – as if everything around me paused.

Trees shedding their leaves going into a quiet phase for winter; the light of the sun disappearing momentarily as the world around me held its breath reminded me why I use the word “thrive” when describing how I help the businesses I work with.

For so long, the goal for business has been to grow. I find this fascinating. How did we come to this single meaning of business success? I look at the world around me, at the natural rhythms of growth and pause, and wonder where we got the idea of constant growth.

I see companies constantly striving for perpetual growth and wonder when they pause and ask, “are we doing this the best way?” “Is there a better, more regenerative way?” “Do we need to add X number of new employees in order to serve our core vision?” “Or will we turn around a lay people off when X factor indicates we can’t keep up with this perpetual growth?”

It is rarely realistic to pause business to ask these questions. But we can have a vision and mission so deeply embedded in the culture of the company that each decision made strives to reach that vision and carry out the mission. Being driven by a vision and mission instead of growth for growth’s sake inherently gives a company that room to “pause” and evaluate opportunities. To decide opportunities will serve their larger vision. It gives them the room to thrive instead of a constant rush towards growth.

Top image: taken October 14th during the solar eclipse.

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How Clean Energy Companies Find their Brand Vision

Have you ever heard a clean energy company claim their vision is to “save the planet!”? I have. Many times. While “saving the planet” is shorthand for environmental action to combat human-caused climate change, the phrase does not make a good company vision.

Breaking down why not, let’s start with a definition of what a vision is. A vision is a portrait of the future as you or your company wants it to be. A good vision will be larger than one person, while also allowing individuals to see themselves as part of that vision. A vision may or may not be reachable in the lifetime of said company, but always gives those in the company something to strive towards. An organization can ask themselves if a specific action gets them closer or further away from the vision.

Read on to find out what makes a good vision statement, tips on creating a brand vision, and how to integrate your brand vision into everyday company culture.

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October Joke

A clumsy Paleontologist walked onto stage with a dinosaur skull. What happened next is jaw dropping.