Intro to the Language of Color

February 27, 2019

Employing a marketing campaign with either an updated or new design can give your brand the edge it needs to stand out. You’ve got the words just right, but are you missing part of your message without knowing it? Color is an important aspect to your overall branding, marketing and design effort. For the next few months we will dip our toes in the vast ocean of color language.

Color communicates in ways many people often don’t realize. The effects of colors can vary depending on our gender, background, cultural perceptions, and personal preference among other factors. Even how vibrant a color appears makes a difference. So, while color selection is not an exact science it is still an effective tool for your message. The graphic shows common psychological effects of colors companies use every day to influence the way we feel about them. Is your design sending the right message?


Next month: Cultural Considerations of Color Selection Around the Globe