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Video Tactical Tip: Quickly Reduce Large PowerPoint File Sizes

February 29, 2024

I work with PowerPoint often, regularly creating and editing decks for my clean energy clients.

I often hear “the deck is too large to email.” I’m going to show you quick way to reduce the file size of your decks in seconds.

Open your presentation. I’ve opened a sample presentation about brownfields and solar. For the more technically-minded out there reading the slides, yes, the numbers are real. Feel free to email me and I’ll reply with my sources.

On any slide in your presentation with images, click on an image.

With the image selected, click on Picture Format, then select Compress Pictures.

In the dialogue box that opens, you’ll deselect the checkbox next to “Apply only to this picture.”

If you’re done with the presentation and it’s unlikely to change, you can optionally select “Delete cropped areas of pictures” to further reduce the file size. I rarely select this because clients often repurpose slides for other presentations.

Down below, there are options for image resolution. 90% of the time, choosing “Web (150 ppi)” is a good choice. This resolution is a good option if you’re presenting the deck and/or creating a PDF to email it.

If you want to print the deck for handouts, or the deck will be shown on a 4k/5k screen, I recommend choosing “Print (220 ppi)”.

I almost never choose HD, unless we’re sending the deck out to a digital or offset printer. If that’s the case, I’d be unlikely to work in PowerPoint.

And E-mail is an option if you need a really small file size. But fair warning, the compression on this setting renders charts, graphs, and any visuals containing text difficult to read.

Once your choice is selected, and “apply only to this picture” is deselected, click ok. Then save the file.
I’ve saved my presentation at a couple of different resolutions so you can see the file size difference. The original file was almost 28 megabytes. 220 ppi dropped the size down to under 14 megabytes, and 150 ppi dropped it to just above 5 megabytes. An easily emailable file.

If you would like assistance with your next presentation so it effectively promotes your brand, don’t hesitate to reach out.