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Visual Strategy

Make the best use of visuals in your company story

Consider this. It takes a person 1/10th of a second to comprehend a visual scene, while the average time it takes to read 200-250 words is 60 seconds. If a person hears a piece of information, they will remember 10% of it three days later. If they are also presented with a relevant picture, they will remember 65% of the information.

Add to the equation that as humans we are wired to have an emotional reaction when we encounter photos with human faces. If you’ve read Corbae’s Branding page, you know that trust and loyalty are emotions ruled by the limbic brain.

When considering the above, retaining information, delivering trust and loyalty, add to that the astounding figures on how much better sites and social posts with images lead to conversion, and it is clear that investing in a visual strategy makes sound business sense.

Corbae begins a visual strategy process with assessing your message. What are you trying to communicate? What impression is your organization interested in leaving in the marketplace? Are the visuals your company is employing reinforcing that message? Where are the holes? What rubrics make sense to use in the future to assess visuals?

Brand Audit

Unsure how to start developing a visual strategy? Corbae can help with a brand audit. This initial review analyzes your organization’s intended messaging and market-facing visuals, delivering a report with actionable insights.

Visual Identity and Style Guide

New company? You have the opportunity to start with a clean slate and build a strategy into your visual identity right from the start. A well-developed visual identity and codified style guide will help all key stakeholders embrace your company vision.

Existing company? Auditing existing brand visuals then implementing a strong, focused visual strategy will help you bring your message to the marketplace in a cohesive fashion.