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Welcome to a New Solar Decade! Are You Ready? January 2020

January 22, 2020

Happy new year! And welcome to the Solar+ Decade, as coined by SEIA last fall. It’s 2020, a decade often used to denote the future in literature and predictions. The classic movie, Bladerunner, took place in 2019. I am thankful we’re not so dystopian as predicted by that movie.

I am looking forward to innovation that the 2020s will bring to light. I see a lot to be excited about. From grid innovations in DER connection, microgrid use, and energy storage to ever more sustainable practices such as PV recycling meeting more than one UN Sustainable Development Goal to businesses pledging to be carbon negative. There is so much going on that I think 2030 will be a different energy and sustainability landscape than we have now.

And realistically, we need that new landscape. Meeting the challenges of a truly clean and sustainable future is big. I know we can do it. Really.

What are your 2020 sustainability goals? As a company? As a person?

—Aimee Tuck


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Join the SunSpec Alliance as they kick off the new year with a webinar on the new SunSpec Modbus information models to support IEEE ™ 1547 for Distributed Energy. Learn about the SunSpec Modbus roadmap and get a sneak peek at the SunSpec RESTful API..

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