Corbae Creative focuses on delivering creative branding, graphic design, and marketing solutions to solar, clean tech, and clean transportation companies. We believe this world is an amazing, beautiful place. We know through innovation, companies can lead the way in keeping it beautiful. We know the great ideas are out there to provide clean energy, technologies, and transportation and we are excited to help craft brands that bring those to market.

Let’s Inspire the World

At every company’s core there should be a clear vision. We love to be inspired by that vision. And then work to manifest that vision through your brand, while also balancing it with sales goals, P&L, revenue, analytics, and measurable results.


Corbae Creative was founded in 2002 by Principal and Creative Director, Aimee Tuck. Originally named AT Design, the company was born out of a need in the solar industry for effective graphic design and marketing communications services. At the time, grid-tie solar was barely a concept. Sell solar back to utilities? No way! In the Pacific Northwest, where we are based, a PV system might take upwards of 60 years for payback at that time.

We have dipped our toes into other industries over the years, including a stint in Senior Housing and Care, but always came back to working with solar, environmental, clean tech, and clean transportation companies. We love the combination of constant innovation, environmental stewardship, technology, and most importantly – people.

Over the years, we also chose to keep the agency small and nimble, bringing on resources and people with the right skillsets for the solution.

In 2014, when we officially changed our name to Corbae Creative, we chose to do so to reflect a more encompassing approach to design and communication.

What Does “Corbae” Mean?

Corbae is a derivation of the word, “Corvidae”, a family of birds that include crows and ravens. The term “Corbae” appears in several works by Charles deLint.

Crows are incredibly intelligent animals, utilizing social learning and passing on information from one generation to the next. Some subspecies even fashion their own tools. They are cooperative birds and thrive in community groups. Their visual accuity is amazing.

We love this unexpected intelligence and think these traits serve us well, working cooperatively with our clients, learning from them, and utilizing our knowledge to create something attractive to the senses generates a positive outcome.

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