About Corbae Creative

Corbae Creative helps solar, energy storage, and electrification-focused companies thrive with impactful branding and visual communications.

Working with companies invested in delivering a clean energy infrastructure locally, nationally, and globally, Corbae unites industry expertise with deep branding and visual communication skills.

Founder and principal, Aimee Tuck, brings over twenty years of clean energy experience to each engagement and 25 years of design and marketing expertise.

Corbae Creative is an active member of Solar Washington, WRISE, and Women in Cleantech and Sustainability.


Founded in 2002 as AT Design, the company was born out of a need in solar for effective graphic design and marketing communications services in an engineering-driven industry.

In 2014, the company officially changed its name to Corbae Creative to reflect a broader, strategic approach to visual communications.

Deliberately choosing to keep smaller and more nimble over the years, in 2021, the founder, Aimee Tuck, focused Corbae’s product offering wholly on solar, energy storage, and electrification.

What Does “Corbae” Mean?

Corbae is a derivation of the word, “Corvidae”, a family of birds that include crows and ravens. The term “Corbae” appears in several works by Charles deLint.

Crows are incredibly intelligent animals, utilizing social learning and passing on information from one generation to the next. Some subspecies even fashion their own tools. They are cooperative birds and thrive in community groups. Their visual acuity is amazing.

Working cooperatively with clients, learning from them, while bringing a depth of expertise and strategic problem solving to engagements is at the core of what Corbae does.

Aimee Tuck portrait

Aimee Tuck, founder and principal of Corbae Creative


To help companies decarbonizing the grid have a larger impact, in order to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C.



Higher purpose to combat the climate crisis meets everyday purpose – deliberate, thoughtful choices in all design elements.


Laughter is medicine. Longer-lasting impact happens when we focus on positive outcomes over avoiding the negative.


Always be learning. We’re in this together and can learn from each other. Explore, question, understand, repeat.


Imagine, make, and bring into existence that which is aligned with a vision of a sustainable world.